Dr. Abigail (Abbie) Stevens is an NSF-funded postdoctoral fellow based in Michigan. She researches black holes and neutron stars and the extreme space environments around them, and teaches astronomy and science literacy. Dr. Stevens is on the Steering Committee for STROBE-X (a proposed NASA X-ray satellite mission), a NICER affiliated scientist (a NASA X-ray telescope on the International Space Station), and co-developer for Stingray software. She is also involved in the Python in astronomy and open-source science communities. Before moving to Michigan, Dr. Stevens did her PhD at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, her MSc at the University of Alberta in Canada, and her BA at Bard College in upstate New York.

One of Abbie’s favorite aspects of being a scientist is speaking with schools and the general public about astronomy, physics, and space science. She also loves incorporating scientific concepts in art and storytelling via hands-on workshops, performances and presentations, and advising on creative projects. Please get in touch if you’re interested in public outreach or science consulting.

Abbie is also a fierce advocate for mental health and wellbeing in academia, and has led multiple seminars and discussions with fellow academics.

Latest Blog Posts

  • I’m on TikTok!
    I (finally) started a TikTok for you to get more sweet, sweet science content in the form of 15-60 second clips. As if there aren’t enough friendly white ladies with fun outfits in the public science sphere already 🙈 (Header image credit: ICRAR/UvAmsterdam)
  • All About Space: What are X-ray binaries?
    Earlier this summer, I was asked to contribute to the British popular science magazine All About Space, answering a reader question about X-ray binaries. My write-up was published in the August 2021 issue! What are X-ray binaries? An X-ray binary has a compact object, like a stellar black hole or a neutron star, and a …

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  • PhD ring featured in LabX-NAS
    My PhD ring was featured in this week’s Scientist Show & Tell for LabX and the National Academy of Sciences. When I first laid eyes on it at Jean Jean Vintage, I thought it looked exactly like a black hole with big jets shooting out of the top and bottom. I would visit it in …

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  • Black holes at the end of time in Loki
    Now that I’ve pulled myself together after watching the Season 1 finale of Loki (and only barely), I want to mention the brief black hole science we see in the beginning of the episode. (MILD SPOILER AHEAD) At the beginning of the episode, we fly past black holes and what looks like a rainbow bridge/Einstein-Rosen …

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