Science outreach and communication

Dr. Abbie Stevens is passionate about science literacy and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) outreach for a wide variety of audiences. She is available to meet with school classes, scout troops, astronomy clubs, community groups, and other organizations. She can lead an interactive lesson or activity, give a talk about black holes and neutron stars or alien worlds, have a discussion about what it’s like to be an astronomer, or answer your questions about outer space! Dr. Abbie focuses on middle-school (ages 11-13) science classes, since these are the years in which interest in STEM is cemented, but she is experienced with outreach for kindergarten through college.

Abbie is also enthusiastic about making science entertaining and accessible by incorporating scientific concepts in art and storytelling. She’s done this via hands-on workshops (like at the MSU Broad Museum Art Lab), writing (such as the REO Town Reading Series), and performances (like the Amsterdam Science Art Slam), and she’d love to be a guest on your podcast or radio show. This is especially rewarding when it re-introduces artsy adults to the joy of science. Dr. Abbie is also available as a science advisor for astronomy, physics, and space science in creative projects. Please reach out if you’d like to talk more.

Public speaking

Science is fun, and Dr. Abbie’s energy for astronomy, physics, and space science is bound to rub off on you. Below are examples of past presentations — learn more about booking her for speaking engagements here.

School visits

Since all school presentations are virtual, please sign up through Skype A Scientist.

DIY astronomy

Prefer a hands-on, do-it-yourself approach to astronomy? Check out these pages:

Header photo by Alexa Hecksel.