Photo of Dr. Abbie animatedly giving a talk about alien planets around other stars and how planets are formed.

Dr. Abbie Stevens is available as a keynote speaker to talk about exciting discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics, the relationship between arts and sciences, and other popular science topics. She can also lead workshops or seminars with an academic audience about navigating graduate school and mental health in academia. With her theater and music background, Dr. Abbie brings her scientific knowledge, 10+ years of public speaking experience, and infectious enthusiasm to make talks dynamic and fun. She is well-known for making complicated science understandable, and customizes the material for a bespoke audience experience.

Dr. Abbie is enthusiastic about making science entertaining and accessible by incorporating concepts in art and storytelling. She is available as a science advisor or technical consultant for astronomy, physics, and space science in creative projects (books, visual art, tv, film, video games, etc.). Please reach out if you’d like to talk more.

Past speaking engagements

  • Associated Press, MSU office
  • Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Calgary Centre
  • Abrams Planetarium
  • FORCE11 panel
  • REO Town Reading Series
  • Great Lakes Lectures
  • Skype A Scientist “May The Fourth” Star Wars panel
  • MSU Science Festival
  • Astronomy on Tap
  • MSU Broad Museum Art Lab
  • Science-Art Slam Amsterdam
  • Nerd Nite


Thanks so much for an AMAZING talk with the Calgary RASC, you are an amazing speaker and presenter. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment tonight.

[Dr. Abbie’s] talk was very worthwhile! I continue to be surprised by the capacity of the speaker to explain very complex concepts in relatable language.

Thanks for making it accessible and engaging to many ages. Black holes are amazing — can’t wait to learn more.

Header photo by M.J. Objois